What style or make of tie you wear is entirely up to you

But perhaps you are one of those who haven’t worn a tie for years. You are one of those that don’t need to wear a tie to work. Across the world, it has been noticed, formal dress codes in the workplace have been relaxed. It was originally initiated as a means towards getting male employees to relax more and thus be more productive behind their desks. But the boss is still watching anyhow. Fat lot of good that did.

The last time you did wear that old jacket and tie may have been at someone’s wedding or to a funeral. Dress codes at wedding receptions have also been relaxed to fit in with the chosen mood or theme of the main couple. But life’s conventions continue for the need for men to be fully attired in a suit and tie for the occasion of someone’s passing. Guys, it doesn’t need to be all formal in any case. Wearing patterned ties is actually quite fashionable for casual occasions.

It’s actually pretty cool to see a guy wearing a floral or striped silk tie to go over his buckled belt and designer jeans. Many of the youngsters are now going in for clip-on ties, like the ones your granddad used to wear. Maybe it’s because you never taught your son to properly knot a tie, Oxford or Cambridge style. Maybe that’s why you stopped wearing ties at some stage. You just could never knot it right. You know what; it’s actually quite simple really.

Let your tie retailer show you how it’s all done. When it’s tied nice and neat, just make sure your skinny or silk tie hangs just above the belt.